Prof. Michal Zdziarski
Member of the Advisory Board, WTO Chairs Programme, KUSOM Nepal
He is a Chair of Strategy and International Business at Faculty of Management, University of Warsaw and a Visiting Professor at University of Kathmandu, Nepal. His research interests include: International Business, Strategic Management, Sustainability, Business Networks, Comparative Economics and Corporate Governance. Michał Zdziarski was a research member of the Corpnet Research Group at University of Amsterdam, a member of the Marie-Curie GETM3 Research Network, and a member of the Core Management Team in COST Action “Expert judgment network: Bridging the gap between scientific uncertainty and evidence-based decision making”. He was a Principal Investigator in three research projects funded by a National Science Center for Research and Development in Poland, and also recipient of grants from The National Science Foundations in the US and The Netherlands. He also was a Principal Investigator, and Director Central Europe for The Conference Board Europe. His articles were published in European Business Review, Construction and Management Economics, Journal for East European Management Studies among others. He authored decision games, case studies and experiential learning seminars. Prof. Zdziarski co-founded three start-up companies, including internationally recognized Wheelstair that won 3rd award in the Healthcare Innovation World Cup at Medica 2022 and the 1st Price at Huaiwei Start-Up Challenge. In his free time he enjoys playing sports with a racket: tennis, table tennis, squash and occasionally paddle tennis.

Founder and Managing Partner
Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Wheelstair, a company focusing on autonomous driving to overcome challenging barriers. Our flagship product will enable people to use stairs without any assistance. Sounds easy? Not if you move on a wheelchair, like 1% of world’s population does according to WHO. Together with Jacek Kühnl-Kinel he decided to enable those for whom moving on stairs is challenging, if not impossible. Wheelstair™ builds on robotics, mechanical engineering and emotions of end-users, who were invited to guide the project principles early on.
His other activities include lecturing strategic management and international business at University of Warsaw, serving as a member of supervisory board at K2 Internet SA, researching leadership and networks. He is a member of the Corpnet Group at University of Amsterdam, and COSTNET – European Cooperation for Statistics of Network Data Science. He authored Invisible Leadership™ program unfolding in the darkness for EA, DHL, AstraZeneka, IMS Health and Starcom.