Two WCP members participated in the Nepal Trade Integration Strategy Workshop (NTIS 2022).

Published Date: 20 Oct, 2022

On 19-20 October, 2022, two WCP members Asst. Prof. Srawan Kumar KC and Asst. Prof. Roshee Lamichhane has participated in Nepal Trade Integration Strategy Workshop (NTIS 2022).

The workshop focused on Creating sound ecosystem for product development and trade. Diversifying markets and products capable of sustaining economic shocks as envisioned in NTIS 2022 Framework. The workshop focused in building supportive environment for trade by means of the following:
  • Supportive macroeconomic and development policies with consistency and predictability 
  • Engaging subnational governments in trade ecosystem development 
  • Maximizing opportunities and minimizing threats after LDC graduation 
  • Strengthening economic diplomacy and expanding trade-enabling bilateral/multilateral treaties and agreements 
  • Improving labor motivation and productivity 
  • Ensuring meaningful social inclusion in sharing the benefits of trade
Another aspect that was focused on during the consultation workshop was improving trade-enabling infrastructures, logistics, processes and regulatory environment by means of:
  • Developing integrated trade logistics and improving trade facilitation 
  • Strengthening food quality enforcement and plant health standards 
  • Improving quality infrastructures and enforcement of industrial standards 
Likewise, discussion was made regarding developing competitive products and expanding exports market by means of: 
  • Improving investment environment Integrating advance concepts of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 in production process 
  • Integrating advance concepts of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 in the production process 
  • Building strengths in good export 
  • Strengthening service sector export